The Exile The Matriarch and The Flood

Title: The Exile The Matriarch and The Flood
 William M. Brandon III

At last Concealed no more
From here, where Equity of hope
Guides our actions
—Beatitudes Do harm no longer.

In the beginning…

Victor Loingsech is adrift after being laid off from his job. He sets off for Ireland to wallow in stout, but returns deeply changed. A dark compulsion is overcoming him, and when a terrible accident forces his hand, Victor steps into the abyss.

The present lays the foundation for the future…

Erlyst Rae Atropos, a far from saintly southern belle, is swept up into the arms of a powerful billionaire and whisked away to New York City. When Erlyst’s husband dies suddenly, his vast
nefarious empire falls under her control. With scepter in hand, she forces psychopaths and war criminals into a high-stakes game of revenge.

The future, bent by greed, submits to Nature’s wrath…

Il Diluvio is an impossible storm that sits high above Los Angeles and pummels it with unending rain. The once mighty jewel of the Pacific Coast is destroyed by crippling floods and explodes in civil war. A mad Mayor rises to power, conquering the city and setting his sights on the entire Union. The Federal Government is permanently hobbled, but a brilliant politician asks a question that changes the world: What if the US was its own show, broadcast to voyeurs from pole to pole?

ISBN: 978-1-951393-10-6
Price: $12.95 (paperback) $2.99 (ebook)
Release Date: August 2021

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