The Exile The Matriarch and The Flood

Title: The Exile The Matriarch and The Flood
 William M. Brandon III


At last Concealed no more
From here, where Equity of hope
Guides our actions
—Beatitudes Do harm no longer.

In the beginning…

Victor Loingsech is adrift after being laid off from his job. He sets off for Ireland to wallow in stout, but returns deeply changed. A dark compulsion is overcoming him, and when a terrible accident forces his hand, Victor steps into the abyss.

The present lays the foundation for the future…

Erlyst Rae Atropos, a far from saintly southern belle, is swept up into the arms of a powerful billionaire and whisked away to New York City. When Erlyst’s husband dies suddenly, his vast
nefarious empire falls under her control. With scepter in hand, she forces psychopaths and war criminals into a high-stakes game of revenge.

The future, bent by greed, submits to Nature’s wrath…

Il Diluvio is an impossible storm that sits high above Los Angeles and pummels it with unending rain. The once mighty jewel of the Pacific Coast is destroyed by crippling floods and explodes in civil war. A mad Mayor rises to power, conquering the city and setting his sights on the entire Union. The Federal Government is permanently hobbled, but a brilliant politician asks a question that changes the world: What if the US was its own show, broadcast to voyeurs from pole to pole?

ISBN: 978-1-951393-10-6
Price: $12.95 (paperback) $2.99 (ebook)
Release Date: August 2021

Very kind words regarding The Exile The Matriarch & the Flood

“Brandon is a mythmaker and a world-builder. Here he reimagines a future from the most intimate of relationships up to the largest institutions in a last-ditch hope against tyranny. The Exile The Matriarch & The Flood is an analysis of our times paired with a manifesto of how to save ourselves.”

Jordan A. Rothacker, author of The Death of the Cyborg Oracle

“While The Exile, the Matriarch & the Flood is brimming with brilliant speculative elements I find it difficult to refer to Brandon’s new book as genre science fiction, so I won’t. What I’ll call it is speculative literary fiction—the sort of sprawling, intellectually adventurous tome that’s bound to draw comparisons to writers like Pynchon and David Foster Wallace. Reading The Exile, the Matriarch & the Flood will do nothing less than change the way you look at yourself, America, and the world. Buy it now.”

Kurt Baumeister, author of Pax Americana

“Taking future shock and present schlock to their logical extremes, William M. Brandon III’s The Exile the Matriarch & the Flood limns a harrowing, post-everything world, where, ironically, the only way out of the morass, is further expansion of the spectacle. Visionary, caustic, this diaristic novel is a terrifyingly dark prediction of where our alienated, commercialized, and totally surveilled, disciplined, and controlled society is headed. Gibson and Womack are here, yes, but so are the ghosts of Debord and Baudrillard.”

John Madera, author of Nervosities and Among the Dynamos

“In The Exile The Matriarch & The Flood William Brandon III wears golf shoes while jitterbugging across the polished floor of Capitalism, scratching all the way.

Steven Allen May, author of Plastic Sunrise, spontaneous chili and fra ctur ede ve lo pm e nt, President of Plan B Press

“Brandon treats speculative fiction with the truth and tenderness of traumatic regional history. Capable of equal parts darkness and satire, The Exile The Matriarch & the Flood will draw literary comparisons to Philip K. Dick and Mark Z. Danielewski, winking all the while at Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop and the accurate absurdity of a cityscape.”

Christopher David Rosales, author of Word is Bone, Gods on the Lam, and Silence the Bird, Silence the Keeper

The Exile the Matriarch & The Flood is a force to be reckoned with, much like the perfect but impossible storm of the title, Il Diluvio. Complete with maps, timelines and footnotes, the book combines fact and fiction, diary and dialogue. William M. Brandon III weaves an experimental and epic tale driven by distinctive characters. If you like your speculative fiction rooted in reality and spun with a fast pace befitting a storm, here’s a book for you!”

Marie Howalt, author of the Moonless Trilogy

“The latest great thing from William Brandon the Third, I am reluctant to call it a novel due to its complexity, is a story of a speculative past, present and future, which seems only slightly more absurd, only minimally more cynical-violent than our current state of affairs. A bit like Mark Z. Danielewski’s broad L.A. future chronicle The Familiar, a bit like Infinite Jest as well. Brandon’s vision of Los Angeles and the U.S., however, is far more explicit about socioeconomic imbalance and political power.”

Frank Eckert, Das Filter

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