Heart of the Storm

Title: Heart of the Storm
 Marie Howalt
Editor: Nate Ragolia

Change is coming to the far-future Tuscan wasteland, and it will leave no one untouched.

Things are finally stable in the small community of rebels who have reclaimed the ruins of Siena. And more people are leaving the safety of Florence to cross the barren landscape and try their luck in the new settlement.

When a new Covey of wanderers arrive, Teo offers them respite and starts to dream of new horizons. Renn finds himself eager to rejoin the wanderer life and is faced with a difficult decision. In his own home, Luca begins to tire of his comfortable, post-apocalyptic routine of technological tinkering.

Meanwhile in Florence, the political climate is shifting, leaving a family of four in the outer city slums, and the powerful Mayor’s own son questioning their safety.

Heart of the Storm is the final installment of Marie Howalt’s Moonless trilogy. Picking up the threads from the previous two books, it weaves the personal tales of the post-apocalypse into a thrilling conclusion as Renn, Luca, Teo and the other Sienans tackle their biggest challenges yet.

Price: $TBD
Release Date: 9/25/2021

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