Stolen Futures

stolen futures revised cover 2


Title: Stolen Futures
Author: M. Drewery


I reached out, trying to wrap my arms around all three of them; Mum, Dad, and Jack. Maybe if my hands met they would be taken with me.

Callum Tasker isn’t special. He isn’t a genius, or a star athlete. He’s not unique. But he, along with 257 other ordinary kids from around the globe, has been assigned to a spaceship that will flee an alien attack on the Earth. Callum will leave everything behind; his family, his friends, his country, to give humanity a new beginning on a new home world.

However he’s not safe. The journey will be long. The crew is inexperienced. There are forces from Earth that want nothing more than to stop them. Plus, their captain is the most dangerous human to ever live… if he’s human at all.

Can a crew of teenagers save the future? Or will the past be too fast to outrun?

Price: $13.95 (paperback) $2.99 (Kindle ebook)
Release date: 3/20/18

READERS LOVE Stolen Futures

“A fascinating story about a boy who discovers important truths about himself and the world around him, through some challenging circumstances. The story is constantly moving forward.” – Michael Page, University of Portsmouth

“Best book I’ve read in a while, couldn’t stop reading. It’s an exciting story about growing up, and saving humanity, would make a great film.” – Scott, Cheam High School

“Incredibly enjoyable and would totally recommend it. Love the gradual revels and mystery in the story. My attention was held throughout.” – Carys, Glenthorne High School

“I really enjoyed it, couldn’t put it down. It starts with awesome action at the beginning and never slows.” – Abbie, Nonsuch High School

“I thought it started off like Interstellar then became Guardians of the Galaxy, which I loved. What I thought was brilliant was the way the characters develop in a extreme situation.” – James, Cheam High School

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