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Title: Grimbargo
Author: Laura Morrison

It’s 2054, and there has been a death.

The first death in ten years.

And there will be more before too long, unless Jackie Savage and Jamie Nguyen–two exceptionally under-qualified gals–can complete their dangerous and vague mission.

Too bad they aren’t exactly sure how.

As they blunder through Kyoto, running from evil scientists, hired thugs, rogue AI, and a cyborg raven, they get closer and closer to discovering a plot to take the future out of the hands of humanity. But even if they decipher their place in the puzzle, will they be any match for ruthless scientists and artificial intelligence with agendas of their own?

Short answer: no. But maybe things will end up OK anyway. Right?

Price: $16.95 (paperback) $7.00 (Kindle ebook)
Release date: 12/31/17

“Laura Morrison’s Grimbargo is a madcap noir joyride across a
 dystopian near-future where death has lost its power in the face of
 perfect regeneration. Onto the scene two unlikely heroines bumble 
their way across a world of pseudo-suicide cults, dastardly ravens, 
inappropriate flirtations, and awkward nicknames in a race against 
time to investigate the first death in a decade, and perhaps to even
 save the worldddddd!”

- (Al)lison Spector, author of Let’s Stalk Rex Jupiter! and featured writer
 in Five2One Magazine, Molotov Cocktail, & the Mad Scientist Journal;


“Grimbargo is a slick sci-fi thriller that will leave the reader on the
 edge of their seat from start to finish. Morrison has crafted a unique
 and engaging world where humans are immortal, able to heal from 
any wound with the help of nanites, but be warned, this is a far cry
 from the utopia it might sound like. Watching [Jamie and Jackie]
 stumble from one conspiracy to the next is a delight. Morrison has
 struck gold with two likable protagonists who drive the plot forward
 with energy and a healthy dose of snark.”

- Kathy Joy, author of Last One to the Bridge.


“A tightly-plotted combination of dystopian science-fiction and
 whodunit, with a healthy dash of humor, Grimbargo gives us two
 well-drawn main characters who find themselves thousands of miles 
from home and embroiled in some truly bizarre circumstances.
Morrison makes it a pleasure to follow these two accidental
 adventurers as they uncover the outlines of a grave threat to
 humanity and struggle to understand, then fight it. With plenty of
 action and plot twists that keep you guessing, Grimbargo delivers!”

– Brian Kirchner, award-winning author of The Syrian Drummer and the 
Cactus Crimson Paint and The Manzanar Scrapbook

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