To Another Abyss!

to another abyss cover revise


Title: To Another Abyss!

Author: Zach Bartlett

Greg Withers, an idle rich twentysomething, has decided to lend a philanthropic hand to the Pioneer Valley arts scene and his punk friend Decca is more than happy to help him redistribute his wealth. Unfortunately, the indie filmmaker they’re working with accidentally summons an Ancient Unspeakable Eldritch Horror on the first day of filming. And the creature seems to have artistic ambitions of its own!

As their art gallery begins to fill with monstrous fish-people who certainly aren’t going to buy anything, Greg and Decca need to figure out how to stop an Elder God with poor taste before it costs them their lives. Or (arguably) even worse, their reputations.

ISBN: 978-0-9997862-2-2
Price: $12.95 (paperback) $2.99 (Kindle ebook)
Release date: 5/29/18

Praise for To Another Abyss!:

To Another Abyss! is a hilarious send-up of the post-post-modern art scene set in the eldritch world of Lovecraft’s New England. Bartlett’s debut crackles with smart-ass dialogue and lefty politics galore, as well as an unlikely set of characters you’ll quickly grow attached to. Fuckin’ A!”

Erica L. Satifka, British Fantasy Award-winning author of Stay Crazy

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