The Future Will Be Written By Robots

Title: The Future Will Be Written By Robotsrobot anthology cover copy

Authors: Zach Bartlett, Rick Claypool, Jennifer Flath, Brandon Getz, Shaunn Grulkowski, O’Brian Gunn, Marie Howalt, Kathy Joy, John Minichillo, Laura Morrison, Nate Ragolia, Greg Shemkovitz, Antoine Valot, and Angus Woodward

Editor: Laura Morrison

Meet that which you have made… and that which may become your maker.

Across twelve original shorts, The Future Will Be Written By Robots anthology tangles in the web of social media, questions what it means to be sentient or alive, ponders technology’s darkest impulses and greatest gifts, and even transcends this reality to touch gods. 
In these pages, Spaceboy authors and science fiction friends of the family, present their takes on the present, future, and the fantastic, imbuing these stories with optimism, imagination, innovation, cynicism, outright fear, and a werewolf, too! In brief, there’s something here for any reader, sci-fi lover or not.

Spaceboy To The Rescue: Profits from the sales of this book will be donated to the International Rescue Committee –

Coming February 2020

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