BONED Every Which Way 2019

boned 2019

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Title:BONED Every Which Way 2019
Various Contributors
Editor: Nate Ragolia

Launched in January of 2016, BONED is an online literary collection with a single unifying theme: skeletons.

This theme touches something that’s deeply embedded in all of us: Bones are our past, and also our future. Bones represent death as well as immortality, mixed with regrets about the pleasures and beauty of the flesh.

In 2019, With 81 original poems and short stories by 55 writers, BONED Every Which Way whisks you away into fantastic tales of magic, murder, mayhem, monsters, and most of all, meaning… to whatever extent any one of us can pinpoint it in words. Everyone can find something for them in BONED.

“We started this project with the ambitious and silly idea that skeletons could inspire an infinite amount of writing. Turns out, it worked even better than we could have imagined. I’ve had the honor of editing deep, introspective poetry, hilarious scripts, and haunting stories. And I found a little inspiration myself.” – Nate Ragolia, editor-in-chief

SPACEBOY TO THE RESCUE: Profits from sales of this book will benefit the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund –

ISBN: 978-1951393892
Price: $12.95
Release Date: 5/28/2020

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