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Title: Anointed
Author: Pam Jones

In Anointed,  we follow an unnamed journalist who, in a conjoined search for God and a good human interest piece, interviews the perpetrators and victims of an imploded religious community. 

It is 1969, 1970, 1971, and the Waldensian Community of Jesus Christ has fallen from its status as a progressive alternative to Christian living to a cult engaged in murder, child labor, and tyranny. 

The narrator, in spite of knowing that many see  only what they want to see, wants to believe.

ISBN: 978-1-951393-06-9
Price: $11.95 (paperback) $2.99 (Kindle ebook)
Release Date: 2/28/21

Praise for Anointed:

Anointed is a scorpion. It waves its tail around threateningly and is about things that really hurt. I knew from page one that Pam Jones was going to be one of my new favorite writers. With Anointed, her time has come.”
— Joe Halstead, author of West Virginia

“With each new book Pam Jones is building an oeuvre unique and important in American letters. Her work is cultural, timely, and undeniably human. With Anointed, Jones zeroes in on a through-line of religious fervor in the American experience and consciousness. This devotion, usually focused on new revelations, is often beautiful, but with the ability to turn deadly on a dime. For those sold on the American dream, we have a deep desire for the commitment of belief and Jones understands just how dangerous that desire can be.“
—Jordan A. Rothacker, author of The Death of the Cyborg Oracle

“Pam Jones’ latest meticulously renders the Anointed Waldensian Community of Jesus Christ cult origins and aftermath for us without mincing the grotesque and terrible details. Strap in once more for a wild ride, the ferocity and heartbreak of Andermatt County catching in your teeth, your throat.” 

—Jason Teal, author of We Were Called Specimens: an oral archive of deity Marjorie

“Pam Jones’s Anointed is an elongated mediation on the nature of existence, purpose, significance, and religious bondage, at times sneaky and at other times aggressive. Juxtaposing the beautiful Texas Hill Country with inescapable cult tensions, Anointed reads like a revision of Midsommar if directed by Claire Denis—where everything significant is interiorized infinitely and everything horrific is put right in your face. The kind of freaky deaky story that can only happen deep in the heart of Texas.” 
—Tex Gresham, author of Heck, Texas

“Pam Jones’ acute understanding of the human condition, and all that can corrupt it, is striking, to put it lightly. Anointed is a novella that will take you by the hand and grip tighter and tighter with every page, leaving its impression on you long after you put it down. Timely and gripping, Jones explores abjection, indoctrination, and the grotesque desire to believe in something worthwhile, regardless of how reviling it may be: ‘I do not mean to shock. I do not mean to offend. I mean to make clear my own struggle with cognitive dissonance.’ Let yourself be entranced by Anointed’s razor-sharp prose and O’Connor-like characters—it is a journey you won’t want to miss out on.” 
— Kailey Tedesco, author of She Used to be on a Milk Carton, Lizzie, Speak, and FOREVERHAUS

“The mood of Anointed builds like the shadows across miles of rural fields as the sun goes down—it’s slow, but it’s certain. The shapes cast are inescapable and ultimately, they’ll engulf everything in sheer darkness. The paranoia and devotion demanded by religion and cults is palpable in Pam Jones’ new novel, so much so, that it feels like a kind of dried, hot dirt that just won’t wash. It’s a book whose psyche swells the more that it gets it’s hooks in. The reader is trapped while the fear circles like a vulture.” 
— Thomas Moore, author of Alone

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