The Necronaut

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Title: The Necronaut
Author: R. N. Jorden

Major Karen Keller isn’t having a good day. She knows her helmet isn’t sealed properly. The in-flight computer is a cruel martinet that is possibly malfunctioning. She was drafted by the USMC-NASA for an inter-dimensional mission; the same kind her mother left for years ago, returned a mumbling wreck who burned down a children’s hospital. All the other mission candidates returned to Earth as viscous fluids.

No pressure. None at all.

Karen is about ready to discover what awaits her on the other side of a wormhole is beyond her wildest hallucinogen-induced imaginations.

Profits from sales of this book will go to Planned Parenthood of Maryland and Colorado.

ISBN: 978-0998712024
Price: $11.38 (paperback) $7.00 (Kindle ebook)
Release date: 4/4/17

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