Silence & Selene

Title: Silence & Selene
Author: William M. Brandon III

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Dean O’Leary, a hardened bank robber who’s lost his nerve, tries to shake off his crimes in the dark recesses of Downtown Las Vegas. By a surreal twist of fate, Dean is shown a life of love and happiness he thought was impossible. When that salvation is violently ripped away, Dean falls deeper into depravity, and with nothing to lose, goes all in on one final crime.

ISBN: 978-1-951393-19-9
Price: $13 paperback, $3.99 ebook

Kind words about SILENCE & “Selene”:

“Hello again, Dean O’Leary, you old romantic in your pinstripe suits and dive bars, barreling through time, looking for respite from this cruel world. In this steel-edged noir novella, William M. Brandon III takes us on a thrilling ride as his anti-hero tries to get to the bottom of things: Can time redeem us? Can friendship? Can love? Silence redux is a pure and dark delight.”
– Saskia Vogel, author of Permission

“Many a yarn has been woven around the quest for love. But that familiar tale starts to fray at the edges when young Dean O’Leary, a bank robber whose pinstripe suit is a better fit than the age in which he lives, packs up his cigarettes and his battered heart to start fresh in Las Vegas. With a voice and style that drag you in, Brandon sets up a character whose neurotic, mile-a-minute mind echoes the desire, anxiety, depression, and insanity found at every intersection on the road to love. From Dean’s ultimate highs to his rock-bottom lows (making a quick pit-stop at the surreal), Brandon will take you on an emotional walk in a desperate man’s wing-tip shoes—and you’ll be hooked from the very first step.”
– Elise Portale, Editor

A twisty, topsy-turvy ride with bad people making bad decisions.”
– Jim Ruland, author of Make It Stop

What one may state confidently without taking anything away from the readers, and I do trust this novella will undoubtedly find readers, is that this is a perfectly captured tale of trapped characters, trapped by their cages whose bars are just beyond their view and out of reach of their chisels. They didn’t ask for this and have no choice but to play it out to the end. And what an end it is, and what a middle, and the novella as a whole, a breathless experience.”
– Nick Voro, author of Conversational Therapy: Stories and Plays

“Brandon’s style of writing in this novella is timeless. He perfectly captures the humanity of O’Leary. Every puff of smoke, sip of gin, and philosophical rambling has you questioning your life—your wants, needs, and goals. Like O’Leary, we find ourselves wondering: if we reach that one last goal, will we be happy? But money is just a Band-Aid on a bleeding vein, and Brandon shows us that love, true, intoxicating love is what we really crave. Silence is so much more than a tale of romance and robbery. I recommend you give it a read; it may just open your eyes to the world around you, and give you some introspective thoughts on your life choices.”
– Amanda Moses, Spring Creek Sun

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