Harlem’s Awakening

Title: Harlem’s Awakening (Second Edition)

Author: Peppur Chambers

AVAILABLE NOW at Amazon in paperback and ebook. Snag it at Barnes and Noble. Find it at Bookshop. And by request at your local bookstore! Coming soon to other retailers.

At eighteen, Harlem Markeson sets out to start a new life in the city for which she’s named. Propelled by the violent deaths of her wealthy parents, Harlem takes the first bus out of Greensboro, North Carolina  and heads to New York City. There, she’s thrown into the clandestine world of an underground speakeasy. Lured by Sisters Ruth and Mary into Lady Magdalena’s Manor, a brothel for beautiful dancing girls, Harlem must learn to trust: but who? 

Harlem’s Awakening is a compelling story set in the 1940’s about a young woman who must journey through hell to become the strong person she is meant to be.

Editor: Lilliam Rivera
Cover: Benjamin Mills

ISBN: 978-1-951393-16-8
Price: $11.00 paperback, $2.99 ebook

Praise for Harlem’s Awakening:

“Author Peppur Chambers brings to life 1940’s America with her debut novel, Harlem’s Awakening, following the unsettling journey of eighteen-year-old Harlem Markeson as she desperately tries to reinvent herself in New York. With believable characters such as the conniving Sisters Ruth and Mary, the ruthless Lady Magdalena, and the mysterious Brown Betties, Peppur has created a seedy underworld where each character fights to unburden their deepest secrets. Harlem’s Awakening marks a strong debut and an irresistible read.” — Lilliam Rivera, Editor

“Peppur is a captivating author who draws you in to her story from the first page. Harlem is a quirky and relatable protagonist who struggles to find her way through the fascinating, conniving, and sometimes devastating realities of the adult world. Worth a read! — Aly Minamide, Amazon Reviewer

“It was amazing! I enjoyed reading this book and how the characters slowly developed. The ending surprised me as well. It was an easy read and perfect to read during a long bus or train trip.” — Elizabeth Acker, Goodreads Reviewer

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